Joyful HeAlTHY spaces

Interior Styling + Healthy Home



Karen Giulietti is a freelance Interior Stylist and Healthy Home consultant living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Karen uniquely incorporates natural elements into her interior work, melding form and function seamlessly to create beautiful imagery and conscious spaces. Karen believes low-tox living is an equally important factor to consider when performing any interior related work and did further studies to become a qualified Healthy Home Consultant.

Karen works closely with clients for both home and business to assess individual circumstances and desired outcomes. Whether it be purely interior styling to create more joy and functionality, or the assessing of health hazards in a space or building to enhance health & wellbeing of the occupants, she curates projects providing effective solutions.



PRODUCT styling

If you're interested in collaborating professionally to showcase your products and services, or would like to create a more productive work environment for staff and clients, get in touch!



With a discerning eye for detail and extensive background in various design modalities, Karen has adjusted and transformed houses into homes for a variety of clients; on all budgets.


With our indoor air quality being up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor, and increasing levels of harmful electromagnetic fields in our spaces, Karen goes beyond styling to ensure your sanctuary is most conducive to your health & wellbeing.