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Wrapping Paper Art

Wrapping Paper Art

On a recent trip to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane, I wandered into the nearby QLD State Library Bookshop. Its one of those bookshops which has an incredibly stunning collection of books! So much so, that after a few minutes browsing you want to read every second book on display. These are the types of bookshops which usually stock a great collection of wrapping paper, as does this one! Wrapping paper can be a wonderfully simple and inexpensive way to get some art up on a wall. There are many beautiful designs out there which can be framed, adding a pop of colour or interest to a space.  

This bookshop, had an Italian series of wrapping papers by Melbourne company 'Zetta Florence'. http://zettaflorence.com.au/product-category/wraps/

Zetta Florence prints their designs onto a beautifully textured paper.  Some of their designs include various maps, as well as the English, French and Italian alphabet for children.  Having an Italian husband and a love affair with Italy, of course they caught my eye!  Our boy Rio loves Rome and was thrilled when I came home with a map of Rome for his wall.

We framed it in an Ikea Filby Frame.  Total cost was $68.  

kaz pic phone 482.JPG


One of my favourite ranges is from the fair-trade Australian company called 'The Dharma Door'. They hand print their designs onto off-white recycled jute paper with raw ruffled edges.

The colour options are lovely and they sell online starting for as little as $6 a sheet!  http://www.thedharmadoor.com.au/shop/Stationery/WrappingPaper.html

Wrapping Paper hung sheets.jpg

The raw edges really enhance its hand-crafted beauty. I would frame them with the edges exposed...


Some of their prints remind me of aboriginal designs.  A very small price to pay for a beautiful and unique piece of ART!

Off to Italy in 24 hours..

Off to Italy in 24 hours..

Lunchbox's n' things

Lunchbox's n' things