Is your house making you sick? 

Indoor Air in our homes is estimated to be at least 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and some studies have shown that most people spend up to 90% of time indoors.

Poor indoor air quality, harmful electromagnetic fields, condensation and/or mould related problems will affect most homes at some point in their history.

What we interact with and are exposed to in our home or business is not often something we directly associate with our health & wellbeing.

Have you noticed any health changes in you or your children since moving into a home?

Karen’s Healthy Home service assesses, identifies and addresses environmental risk factors in and around the home. Site Check, Chemicals, Harmful Electromagnetic Fields, Mould, Allergens, and Drinking Water are all assessed.

Karen is also qualified in Space Clearing which is a seperate service but related to healthy home and is particularly useful when moving into a new home or business.