How we keep and interact with the things inside our home is not often something we associate with our general wellbeing. With children, pets and partners (and even without) we accumulate a lot along the way and there are changes we can make to ensure healthier and happier household environments..

Karen draws from an extensive and time-honed repertoire of interests and applications, diversifying her offering to include a home harmonising service that assesses, identifies and addresses environmental risk factors in and around the home. 

For example, de-cluttering promotes harmonious home life and positioning of certain objects ensures optimal space utilisation, which creates better 'flow'.. Specific plants improve indoor air quality while direction of natural light can lift and transform a space. Alternate paint, lighting and chemical choices minimise our exposure to unnecessary hazards and installing protection devices can help shield us and our loved ones from electromagnetic frequencies. These are just a few of the elements to consider when harmonising a home...

Karen also works alongside, and can recommend, other practitioners who specialise in Feng Shui and Space Clearing which is particularly useful when moving into a new home or business.