Our abodes, however humble, are our sanctuaries; places where we retreat to relax and enjoy our down time, spaces we create lasting memories in and fortresses of security and solace. 

As visual beings, our environment influences our experience of the world and there are few places we spend as much time; no place like home..

Psychology has long taught us the importance and affect of surroundings. Art and colour therapy are tools often utilised to treat in a professional context, though the subtle impact of these elements in a home environment can evoke similar emotional responses to improve and influence our general state of wellbeing.

With a keen interest in design psychology and a desire to share the love, Karen's consultations follow a holistic approach - aiming to achieve the emotional, aesthetic and aspirational outcomes of her clients. 

Creating spaces can be as simple as rearranging a few choice objects or as complex as creating an entire interior. Karen sources furniture and unique decor items by working closely with a variety of wholesalers and local artisans.. Whether you'd simply like some assistance arranging your existing belongings, an opinion on what art to purchase, new bedding or are in need of a dramatic overhaul, Karen can help.